Mobile Devices



We can thank our lucky stars that there are just two major mobile platforms to support: Android and iOS. Throw on wearable platforms. Throw on form factors. Throw on OS variations. Add on I18N. Add in accessibility. Add in Mobile Web. And don’t forget about distribution. It is a recipe for compexity. We can help you cut through the complexity, and narrow down the focus on project requirements.


Ramping up mobile development can take time, especially getting a handle on the toolchains for development and release/distribution. App distribution can take a lot more time than is expected at the outset. We can help you establish smooth release processes so that you can maintain your app easily long term.


Don’t need something written in Java or Swift? Sometimes it’s necessary to integrate middleware and libraries based on C/C++. We have no problems bringing in legacy libraries as needed. If you need to build an SDK for others to use, we can do that as well.


While many customers come to us with “traditional” device requirements, we often have customers bring us devices that are not generally available, or possibly based on embedded systems boards for applications beyond mobile phones. We can work with pretty much anything.