Cloud Computing



The cloud has made some things better, and some things, to be honest, more complicated. Unless you have a data center, you will need to build services in the cloud. We have experience working with the major cloud platforms: AWS, Azure, and GCP. We can work with serverless environments as well as traditional VM based deployment.


The landscape for tools and cloud orchestration can be mind boggling. It seems each year there is a new thing everyone is rushing to try to adopt. We will be honest in our recommendations about what will help you and what might hurt your project. Because there is a shortage of strong DevOps talent available to hire to come work for your enterprise, it often makes sense to work with an outside team that can handle the reigns on DevOps during an early stage of a project. Our ultimate goal will be to train your team to take over anything we are doing for your project. No hiding the keys from clients. Our success begins when your team feels confident taking over responsibility for the cloud operations.


There are a lot of frameworks for cloud app development. We can work with just about anything: C/C++, Java, Pyhon, Node.js, Ruby, C#, you name it. We are always happy to share recommendations, but we will happily take on the platform choices your team has made and help you buid a solution.


Do you have a specialized IoT, mobile, or other Cloud enabled device that needs to work with the Cloud. We can help. We know embedded systems as well as cloud development.