Razortooth Communications, LLC is a boutique agency focused on Design for Technology. Most technology consultancies focus on placing bodies on projects and building out plumbing. We focus on your design needs, customer requirements, and then generate the ideas to build great technology. With practical experience working with both startups and also large enterprises, we can help navigate innovation projects for maximum impact in the market. Rather than focus on the commodity realm of tech, we focus on areas of technology where our customers might have trouble finding the right talent, or are dealing with sensitive core intellectual property and don’t want to outsource to overseas teams. We can work both short term rapid prototyping, as well as long term as a regular part of your team. Please contact us to tell us about your project needs.


We are located in the Silicon Valley.


We enjoy technology. But we really like it when our customers achieve #goals: funding, development milestone, solving a tough problem, reaching revenue goals, even saving money. We don’t outsource unless you ask us. When you hire us, we put a team on your project. We don’t have expensive offices, and operate as a virtual agency. We pass on that savings to our customers, allowing us to cut pricing deals.


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