Embedded Systems



There are as many platform choices out there as there are stars. We haven’t seen them all, but we’ve worked with a variety from the majority of major semiconductor companies, reference kits, and ecosystems. Whether it’s a microcontroller or a 64bit ARM processor, we can work with it. If you have specific requirements, let’s talk. We’ve worked with teams to help get products built, tested, and delivered to market.


Establishing the right toolchains for embedded systems is important. We can help make recommendations, or we can work with the tools established by your team.


Quite often, for more complex devices running on a general application processor, there will be a requirement for some middleware to communicate with the rest of the device or external systems. We are experienced in building middleware for such devices.


Custommers bring us a variety of devices. We’ve seen prototypes, ideas, finished product, reference kits. If we can get our hands on 1-2 devices, usually we can be of great assistence in helping move your product forward. We prefer shorter time frames when possible to turn around milestones, but quite often hardware isn’t available until after the software is needed. It can get tricky. We have a lot of partners we can work with to bring more expertise to a project. Let’s go through your needs.