AI Devops


AI + ML DevOps

Ready to start building your AI / ML infrastructure in the cloud? When it is time to move out of theoretical designs, we can support your organization in handling the specialized DevOps needed for AI and ML. We can support Azure/OpenAI/AWS cloudds.

On-premise / Locally Hosted

For certain types of data and intellectual property, it makes sense to deploy on-premise. This may be true for healthcare or classified research. Additionally, it will often make sense to train models more economically on-premise. Whatever the reaseson, we can help provide domestic support for your on-premise DevOps for AI and ML onsite or remotely.

AI ready Server builds

We can work with your preferred vendor to spec out and build servers ready for AI. Whether this is going into a data center or a small server rack, we can guide the build process to ensure your server scales to meet your demands.

AI ready Desktop rigs

Building an AI ready Desktop rig can take some expertise. We can build the system, and set up the software of your choice, including Linux and Windows, with the typical tools used by developers and researchers. It helps to work with a partner that understands development more than the IT department!

Automation/CI for research->production

When it is time to move out of research and into production, we can provide CI pipelines to move into production (internally or externally).