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Design For People

Technology can only make a difference when it is designed for people. Our goal is to help your team build technology that meeds the needs of real users. We can help you solicit feedback early in process to ensure your project meets objectives, satisfying your users’ requirements and helping build a quality product or service.

Innovation with Purpose

Too often techies build plumbing without thinking about the cost of over-engineering a solution. Customers don’t buy blumbing. They buy solutions. They want orders of magnitude better. And sometimes they want to fall in love with a product. Let’s build that experience for your customer. The design and the implement must meet the customer needs.

Rapid Prototyping and Ideation

A key tool in getting rapid feedback from early customers is to build small protoypes, and vet these with internal or external customers. Getting feedback quickly will help validate assumptions and allow time for pivots. We can help your team get paper prototypes or real working prototypes done in short order.

Specialized R&D

There are a lot of options out there to get commodity projects built. We focus on our specialities. If your project matches our skillset, let’s talk. If it’s not a match, we will happily recommend alternatives among our industry partners.

Building Startup Teams

Since 2007 we’ve focused almost exclusively on working with startups. We know the grind. We know the challenge of fundraising. We’ve helped our customers at all stages: pre-funding, seed funding, series A, and even beyond this point, working with publicly traded companies. We can even help companies that need to break things down and prepare for sale or other alternatives. We feel we can contribute a different perspective than other agencies based on our track record and experience.